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As an admirer of sensational sounds, it didn't take long before I became fascinated by cinematography. I fell in love with the way a film could make me feel, and I hungered for the challenge of capturing and connecting audio/visual facets into a cohesive experience.

My early attraction guided me into a multifaceted creative path focused on crafting meaningful messages through a mixture of film, photo and music. I developed my imaginative instincts and technical prowess at University of Florida later graduating with a bachelor's in production.

Since living in New York I have learned to wear the many hats this industry can offer. I have toured internationally, become a key production component in regard to tour relations in various venues in the New York/Brooklyn area and managed the back of house at one of NYC's principal summer concert spaces at SummerStage in Central Park.

Effectively communicating is an art, embedded with the ability to influence every individual's heart and mind. Through my work, I venture to connect to our deepest parts and use my skills to lead conscious pursuits of purpose.


Marlee Taylor 

Brooklyn, NY

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