We all know the beginning of this story. It was March 13th, 2020 and I was sitting in my Brooklyn apartment polishing off a pizza from Rosa's when I got that dreaded phone call. You know, the one that stopped the world - literally. I looked out into the future best I could and only saw the horizon was vast and cloudy, full of hesitation and uncertainty as the impending deterioration of so many industries ensued and the livelihood of millions became a terrifying question mark. I called my colleagues, my friends, my family... we were all on pause, stuck, waiting. All uneasy with the paranoia of the virus in regard to our community health as well as the haunting sensation that soon took over our thoughts when it came to our careers, our lifelines, our families. 

As soon as I hung up the phone call, I was gathering an overnight bag and collecting things in my apartment. But what exactly? I had no idea what I was in for. I loaded up the car my boyfriend and I call 'Pickle' and went back in to make sure all of the lights were turned off and collect my most plump and trusty sidekick Wonton. Trust me, you'll get to know all about Wonton. Together the three of us said goodbye to the city where we all fell in love to go northeast out into the middle of the woods in Connecticut where Nick was from and his parents currently reside. 

It was about a month into Quarantine, we were still in Connecticut and New York City was the last thing from a safe refuge amidst the pandemic. We both work in event production specifically with artists in music venues. We love putting on a show, but it became clear that the day we both received news from our employers, would be the final curtain call... for a while. We needed a project. Both Nick and I were accustomed to long work days being mobile, coordinating and plenty of manual labor. Yes, I was doing yoga and we were exercising but it wasn't enough. I was feeling myself fall into a dark hole, one that I am certain others can empathize with. I think the entire country came face to face with this dark hole at one moment or another. We finally looked at each other and said, 'Hey if this is the uncontrollable cards we've been dealt, lets not fight the dealer.' And with that we decided we would do a something most people said was bonkers. Wanting to make our time as meaningful as possible we took a big risk... we purchased a run down jalopy of a machine which would have once been called an RV. At this point though, it was a shell full of old knick knacks, garbage, mice, carpet staines and... potential? And thus, our Quarantine renovation project evolved and Rhonda the RV was born.

The Story of Rhonda